Saturday, July 14, 2012

I have been gone for so long...

I really haven't been gone, just absent from blogging.  I took a little bit of a hiatus because there were alot of changes going on in my life.  The spring is is generally a very busy time in my life, but this year especially so.  I was asked to apply for a new job and the process of interviewing and starting a new job just became overwhelming.  I wasn't able to read a book for about three months!  That is totally unheard of for me.  I did manage to sneak in one a few weekends ago and then just recently was able to get back to reading like I like!  All that to say I haven't blogged because I hadn't read, but that is about to change!  I have a few books I am eager to read and some that I have read that I loved and I want you to love too!

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