Saturday, February 4, 2012

Been busy reading

I have neglected my blog because I have been so busy reading!  My library just added a ton of new books to their digital library and I got completely wrapped up.  New year, new budget, new books is what I am guessing.  I have also completely exhausted my Amazon gift card that I got for Christmas!  I also ventured to 2nd and Charles for the first time.  Do you have that store?  It is a massive store where you can buy and sell your books.  They have new books, but most are used.  I could seriously get in trouble there or any book store for that matter.

So what have I been reading you ask? I always love to know what other people have been reading and have been scoping out other blogs to get some ideas for some new reads.   I read My Foolish Heart by Susan May Warren and A Cowboy's Touch by Denise Hunter, both are contemporary fiction.  For whatever reason I am drawn to historical fiction so these were out of the norm for me, but I really enjoyed them and would recommend them both.   

A Cowboy's Touch is the first in a series, so of course I will keep reading.   Abigail needs to escape the big city and the stress of her job.  Someone needs to check on a sweet elderly aunt in Montana.  Wade Ryan is hiding from life on his Montana ranch with his daughter that is in need of a nanny.  Abigail and Wade's lives collide in a delightful romance. 

My Foolish Heart is part of the Deep Haven Series, but I wasn't real sure where it fell in the series.  It definitely stood on its own and tackled some tough issues like panic disorder, overcoming life changing injuries from war and two people becoming comfortable in their own skin and in the plans and blessings God has in store for them.  Overall a great read!  I would love for someone to tell me how this works into the series and if any of the characters overlap etc. 

I have read so many more books, but I will have to get to those later!  I only have so much time to write because I have books to read!

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  1. I loved both these books, if you liked a Cowboys Touch you'll love the next one in the series. So glad I stumbled upon your blog!