Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So exciting!!!

The main reason that I started this blog was to tell people about all the books I find that I love.  I also really wanted to get into doing book reviews.  I realized one day that people were being asked to review books and I was jealous.  My opinion is just as good as anybody else's right?  Ha!  Well, after contacting several publishers and getting turned down by several because I haven't blogged enough or don't have enough followers, I was contacted today to pick between four books to review!  I am so excited.  I really had a hard time choosing because one book I already read and started it on the day that it came out.  All of the other books on the list were ones I am waiting to read.  So I made a decision and hopefully should receive it in my mailbox soon.  I don't know if I should really believe it until it gets here, but I am going to be excited for now. 

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