Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Inconveneint Marriage of Charlotte Beck by Kathleen Y'Barbo - A review

Charlotte Beck wants nothing more than to be an adult, go to college and work in her father's company.  Alex Hamby wants to continue his work as an astronomer and not worry about what society expects of him.  The two meet and have an immediate dislike of the other.  Charlotte has a hard time presenting herself as an adult to her father and society.  Alex learns that it is up to him to secure the family's future socially and financially.  Daniel Beck, Charlotte's father, sees something in the two and decides that he has a solution to both of their problems.  If Charlotte and Alex  agree to marry, Alex has the money to secure his family and Charlotte can go to college and be guaranteed a place in her father's company.  Can the they agree to an inconvenient marriage?

The title of this book caught my attention.  You always hear about a marriage of convenience, not inconvenience.  I have only ever read one novella by Kathleen Y'Barbo,  Golden Days.  I didn't realize that this book was the third in a trilogy and I have not read the others, but I did not feel lost.  I enjoyed it!  I laughed and found myself rooting for the couple.  There was good tension and chemistry between the main characters.  I did find it odd that there were two parts of the book with a four year gap in between the parts where basically nothing happened.  Nothing transpired between the two main characters during those four years so it worked, but I was a little surprised to jump forward four years.  maybe it wasn't the jump that surprised me but the fact that the main characters did not speak or correspond for four years and then at the end of that time were expected to marry.  Like I said though, it worked.  I found the story fun and different.  I would like to read more of Kathleen's books.

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