Friday, March 9, 2012

A Sound Among Trees by Susan Meisnner - A review

A Sound Among Trees by Susan Meissner is set in Virginia at Holly Oak which is a house that survived the Civil War and other tragedies.  The family that owns Holly Oak seems to have had its own heartaches that may be linked to the house itself.  The women who have resided here seem to struggle unnecessarily.  The house is occupied present day by Adelaide and her great grandchildren along with their father, Carson.  The children’s mother, who was Adelaide’s granddaughter that she raised alone, died a few years ago.  Carson recently remarries and brings his new wife, Marielle,  to reside at Holly Oak.  People begin to bring up that the house is haunted by Adelaide’s great grandmother who was a spy for the Union during the war.  Marielle must figure out to make her new life in this home that may or may not be haunted. 

This is quite a different book.  It is set in present day, but also has a part of the book that is letters written during the civil war.  It was very different than anything I have ever read.  I liked the book, but I did have a hard time getting into it.  Once I got several chapters in and more of the mystery began to unfold I started enjoying a lot more.  I wanted more of the letters and more of the historical part of the book.  I felt that it was the best part. I would have liked more from the Civil War letters because that is what I truly wanted to read.

This was a good book and unique.  It blended the past and the present.  There are lessons in overcoming the past and not allowing things of the past to continue to shape present. 

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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