Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Maid of Fairbourne Hall by Julie Klassen - A Review

Margaret Macy is trying to escape her stepfather and his plans to marry her off to his nephew.  She just needs to make it a few more months until she receives her inheritance.  One night she has had enough of his plotting ways and decides to run away with her maid who was just fired.  She runs away in disguise and hides out with the maid.  Knowing that her stepfather has everyone looking for the two the run as far as their money will take them. Both find jobs as maids in another town.  Margaret is hired by a man she helped while in hiding because he feels the need to repay her kindness.  She has no idea that the family she is hired to work for is the same family who sons were once her suitors.  She works and hides from her stepfather as well as trying to keep her identity a secret from the Upchurch family.  While working, she begins to realize that she made a mistake in rejecting Nathaniel Upchurch.  Nathaniel has never forgotten about Margaret who broke his heart.  Will they discover her secret and a love for each other?

As usual, Julie Klassen's books are excellent!  I enjoyed this book and found myself unable to put it down. I was wrapped up in Margaret's transition from high society to the life of service. She changed so much as a person during this time.  She grew because her eyes and her heart were opened.  She learned to look past what she saw and look deep and this allowed her to see who the Upchurches really were.  The subplots were excellent too, I found myself really wanting to know what was happening in them and not just wanting to read the main story.  The only negative was that I didn't like how it ended, not that I didn't like the way it wrapped up, I just wanted there to be another chapter or epilogue to give me an insight into what happened after the ending!

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