Monday, March 19, 2012

Maybe I really am a writer...

I am a reader, but I have never professed to being a writer.  I don't have novels on my computer waiting to be published or notebooks full of short stories, but I do write.  My high school English teacher would be really disappointed in my ability to follow the rules of writing, so let's not tell her.

 I have written some devotionals for kids that have been used in church publications as well as a few for some adults.  What I am most proud of writing are my preschool music programs. 

I have said before that I teach music and chapel for preschoolers.  Part of my job is to put together our Christmas program and our graduation programs.  I love doing this!  I have written three dramas/musicals for my kids and am currently working on my fourth.  I have a secret desire to publish them for other church preschool programs to use. 

I am waiting to be inspired four my fourth program.  I have some broad ideas, but really need to narrow it down and get to writing.  Clearly I am avoiding doing the work.  I am going with a jungle theme and "One True God".  I'll let you know how it goes!

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